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Tariq’s in Headingley offers not just Indian food, but also caters for the pizza lovers. Browse through our pizza menu and choose from the various pizza toppings and you will be able to enjoy the best pizza in the area. In our pizza shop, we use good quality ingredients and the perfect pizza dough to prepare the no 1 pizza of your choice. You can benefit from our pizza discount on pepperoni pizza and not only, both through our local pizza delivery system and in our restaurant. For those of you who prefer takeaway pizza, you have come to the right place.

Look no more around the pizza world, and choose top pizza on offer in our pizza menu. We are Leeds pizza delivery champions and everyone who has tried it will tell you the same. Our customers are served just like in a pizza village, in Italy, and are offered the perfect pizza deals. Benefit from the pizza deals we offer and the pizza discount. Looking for the perfect pizza? Tariq’s is one of the best pizza restaurants you will find in Leeds





All Our pizzas & garlic breads are 11" Freshely prepared, Home made Dough, Mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, Italian herbs & the finest toppins.

1 Margherita     V  topped with mozzarella cheese £3.80
2 Al Funghi V topped with mushrooms  £4.90
3 Pepperoni   topped with pepperoni & green peppers  £4.90
4 Salami   topped with salami & onions £4.90
5 Quattro Formagi V topped with a combo of fur cheeses £4.90
6 Vegetarian      V topped with mushrooms, green peppers, onions & olives  £4.90
7  East Meet West    with Tariq's Chicken tikka (coocked in the tradional way, then sliced), green peppers & onions £4.90
8 Mexican Firestarter V spicy mince topped with jalapenos, green peppers, onions & herbs, leaving you feeling HOT !    £4.90
9 Tariq's Special    easy on the cheese, but thats about it topped with everything big except the price £5.00
10  Popeyes Meat Feast   sorry spinach lovers, popeye was not a vegetarian! topped with lashing of salami, chicken tikka, pepperoni & donner    meat    £4.90
11 Top Donner   topped with donner meat £4.90
12 Polo Funghi   topped with chicken & mushrooms £4.90
13 Create Your Own    cheese & tomatoes, plus 60p per extra toppins  £3.80
14 Chicken Masala   chicken cooked dry with onions, tomatoes, herbs & spces £5.00
15 Chicken & Sweetcorn     £4.90
16  Tuna & Sweetcorn     £4.90
17 Salami & Pineapple     £4.90
18 Chicken & Pineapple      £4.90
19 Garlic Margherita     £4.20
20 Garlic Bread       V     £2.50
21 Garlic Bread Supreme V topped with tomatoes & cheese  £3.20
22 Handi Pizza (NEW)   Chicken cooked with tomato,garlic.ginger,black pepper,whole coriander & a touch of fresh cream
23 Hara Masala Pizza (NEW)   Chicken cooked with fresh mint,fresh coriander,green chilli,ground spinach,white pepper,onion,ginger,galic,cream & butter sauce
24 London Pizza (NEW)   Topped with tomato,cheese & chips
   Extra Toppings      .60


































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